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Friends, in today’s article you will be told about super sainik Plan. What is that super sainik. Can you make money from this? Everything will be told to you in this article. So read the article completely. Friends, daily new mlm company is getting open in India. And daily new mlm company is closing. So it has become very difficult to decide. Which company to join? And which company should not join. So now you don’t need to worry. We will tell you on this website. Which company should you join? And which company doesn’t? So let’s come to today’s topic.

About us

friends, if I talk about them about us, then this is a mlm plan. And they have a mobile app. Which is called this mobile safety device app. They say that this app will save your mobile from theft. And also many features have been told. But friends, the surprising thing is this. Many companies have brought this type of app. And has run away by fooling many people.

Legal Documents

Friends, if I tell about their legal documents, then they have shown 2 legal documents in their pdf. And both the documents are fake. Because this system is not registered in MCA. Hence it is called an illicit system. Documents are given below. You can see.

Super Sainik Plan

Owner Details

Friends, if I tell about the owner of super sainik, then there is no owner details in their website and pdf. No one knows who is running it. And from where is it driving? So you are saving a little from such a system.

Office Address

Friends, if I tell about super sainik’s office, then they do not have any office. Because their website and pdf do not have an office address. So you think yourself, those who do not have anything, they have not come to give money in the market.

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Products or Services

Friends, if I tell about their product, then they have a mobile safety app. Which also protects your mobile from theft. There are many more features in it, but does this app even work properly. This is also something to think about. And they don’t have any service.

Business plan

friends now let’s talk. Talking about their business plan, this system is charging you Rs 499. And in return you are giving an application and some daily income. If you want to understand their complete plan. So we have given youtube video and pdf of their plan in the down. You can see.


Contact Details

Friends, if I tell about the contact details of super sainik, then they do not have any calling number or whatsapp number. This means that there is no contact details on their website.


Friends, as you already know. I was telling you about super sainik plan in this article. So the conclusion comes out. Friends, this is a money rotation system. And money rotation system is ben in India. Nor do they have legal documents. Or there is no office. Therefore, do not invest any money in such a plan, otherwise your money will be 100% stuck here. And cybercrime should also complain about such a plan. Only then will these people improve.

My Opinion

So friends, my opinion is that, with such plans and as many companies of this type are running in the market. Stay away from all those companies. Otherwise you will lose millions someday. Because daily scams are happening in the market.

I hope friends. that you would have understood our point. So friends, that’s all in today’s article. And hope. That you must have liked this article of super sainik plan. If you have any doubt. So you can ask by commenting. And what is your opinion about super sainik plan. Do tell by commenting. And do follow us on youtube. Thank you


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